What if you were throwing away money? Most organizations are, in that they aren't aware of all of the areas where waste recovery could again contribute to the bottom line. Can we divert more waste that was previously sent to landfills, reduce your disposal and transportation costs, and increase the yields recognized in plastic manufacturing? These are just a few of the methods that Omni can help maximize your material recovery rate.

What, for that matter, is a material recovery rate? And if you know, do you know your material recovery rate?

The recovery rate is a common measurement that is used to track and illustrate the overall effectiveness of a recycling and sustainability program. With our full-service platform, many of our recycling partners enjoy the benefits of a zero-waste program. Omni can provide a waste audit for your operation, and identify opportunities to reduce your disposal costs while increasing your recycling rates. As a direct processor, we also have the internal capabilities to test traditionally non-recyclable items with the potential to identify new end-markets for challenging commodities.

If there are not any current recycling applications for a particular waste stream, Omni can also present some waste-to-energy alternatives to help reduce your overall carbon footprint. Omni will work with you to design and manage an effective recycling and sustainability program that maximizes your recovered revenue.

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